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Support Statewide Advocacy Efforts

Your Donation Works To Protect The "RIGHT TO RENT" throughout Florida.

Rest Assured that 100% of your donation goes towards advocacy efforts in Florida to fight for your vacation rental rights. Be cautious of other groups that raise money in Florida to spend elsewhere.  

The Florida VRMA has created its advocacy fund to support outreach efforts to strengthen its statewide support for owners and managers as well as our grassroots efforts within our chapter regions. 

Awareness and education are key factors that drive vacation rental decision making by elected officials and policy makers. Our statewide advocacy efforts are always expanding to reach these decision makers while also  making the public aware of the great benefits that vacation rentals play in the statewide economy. 

Your participation at all levels of this outreach is very important. We need donors and volunteers on all levels of participation. It's not just making a donation, we need your help in many areas:

1. You can donate support funds of any size. We use these donations for local public policy issues, studies to enhance the industry, campaign literature, handouts and so much more...

2. Donate a vacation stay or other items that we can use for fundraising. 

3. Donate your time. We need industry partners to join us at meetings and events to make everyone aware of the important role we play in Florida's tourism economy. Vacation rentals bring $31 billion dollars into our statewide and local economy each year. 

Want to make a donation today? Cash and in-kind donations are always accepted. Email or call Denis Hanks at 407-201-0120

Or Donate Any Amount Online Today By Clicking The Donate Button Below

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If You Are Donating To Any Organization Other Than Florida VRMA, Your Donation is Likely Leaving Florida. Always Look For The Florida VRMA Logo. Note: Florida VRMA is not affiliated with any other state, local or national associations. 


Why should you fund the Florida VRMA Advocacy efforts? 

When donating to the Florida VRMA, you are supporting a non-profit association that has a 25 year track record of protecting and supporting the Florida vacation rental market. 

100% of the money you donate goes directly towards the #1 vacation rental market in the US. Florida’s vacation rental industry is 26% of the entire US market and delivers $30 BILLION dollars each year to the Florida economy.

Unlike other advocacy causes that support vacation rentals, you can rest assured that every dollar goes towards Florida’s efforts only. We have “boots on the ground” advocacy and are directly involved in local and state policymaking initiatives throughout Florida. 

Florida is the bellwether for all vacation rental activity in the US. How goes Florida goes the nation, therefore we need to set precedent in Florida and remain strong and fully funded. 

What we focus advocacy dollars on:

• Supporting candidates that are vacation rental friendly and champions of our industry. 
• Grassroots organizing campaigns to connect with candidates in our Florida city and county elections. 
• Distributing industry action alerts to engage decision makers with partners locally and nationally.
• Organizing supporters to attend local and state hearings to have our vacation rental voices heard.
• Financially supporting state Senate and House candidates and political parties that support our industry.
• Support lobbying efforts on the state and local levels. 
• Development of campaigns, rally gear and handouts for the industry engagement.
• Advocacy with the Florida Association of Sheriffs to engage and collaborate on law enforcement issues statewide related to our industry. 
• Advocacy with the tax collectors association statewide and TDT leaders. 
• Organization and support for our annual statehouse lobby day in Tallahassee and meetings with Senator’s and House members. 
• Fundraising campaigns to further our advocacy reach and leverage partner donations. 
• Drafting of supportive vacation rental legislation with our legal advisors, lobby partners and other team members. 
• Engaging with public relation firms to create messaging and awareness for vacation rental advocacy efforts.
• Placement of political advertisements and media. 
• College level political science internships for additional Government Affairs support.
• Florida VRMA led the re-opening efforts in Florida for all vacation rentals during the Covid 19 pandemic. This provided all partners with emergency order clarification, mediation between the Governor’s office, elected officials and government agencies. Even to this day we are still actively engaged on Covid 19 local and state emergency orders and changes. 
• Florida VRMA also engages legal advisors to support changes in policies and regulations and help with interpretation of government actions. 

Support Florida VRMA advocacy and the right to rent throughout Florida.

For additional information call us at 407-201-0120 or email or

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